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Sapar Isakov: Entrepreneurs should occupy niche in domestic market

«It is necessary that domestic entrepreneurs to occupy their own niche in the domestic market,» Prime Minister Sapar Isakov said today at a meeting on supporting enterprises focused on export and import substitution.

According to him, the government is now working to introduce a single service center for entrepreneurs. Exactly there the business will get all the permits. Suitable building has been already found.

«We believe that we must now create all conditions for the country to have as many import-substituting enterprises as possible. This will lead to economic development, jobs creation. And most importantly — will provide our business an opportunity to occupy a niche in the domestic market so that it does not depend on many factors. I would like to ask my colleagues not to drag out issue of permits and licenses,» Sapar Isakov said.

The Ministry of Economy was instructed in two weeks to create a video that in case of any problems, entrepreneurs can call the call center at 1220.

The government will also pay attention to the development of agriculture. An important step in this direction is the creation of cooperatives.

«I would like to ask the bankers pay more attention to this and encourage the work of cooperatives. We are moving away from small-scale business to cooperative solutions. And there are fewer risks for bankers and there is a positive effect for the state in terms of the fact that we will really become an exporting country. For example, we can not carry our goods to China for two reasons. First, the assortment should be single. Secondly, it is the volume that we do not have. If we create agricultural cooperatives, we will immediately resolve these two problems at the same time,» Sapar Isakov concluded.