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Prime Minister Sapar Isakov inspects Manas Airport early in the morning

Today, the Prime Minister unexpectedly visited Manas Airport early in the morning because of numerous complaints about its work. Most of the appeals of citizens and guests of the country concern the conditions of arrival, departure and registration of citizens.

During the inspection, Sapar Isakov visited the arrival, departure and luggage halls of the airport, and also talked to the passengers. The Prime Minister saw by himself that there really are queues for border control, and only a «red» corridor is used for inspection.

«Our citizens and guests of the country complain reasonably. The media also repeatedly raised the problem of uncomfortable conditions for the arrival and departure of airport passengers. The border and customs services, as well as the airport management, must immediately resolve the problems detected. They should not only solve the problems of large queues, use of «green» corridor, but also learn etiquette, polite attitude to passengers. Also, employees of the services should begin an intensive study of the English language as a language of international communication,» Sapar Isakov said.

«Manas Airport is the main air gate of the country. Everyone who comes or departs from our country should feel comfortable. The first and last impressions are formed precisely from the service, conditions and quality of the activities of the relevant services at airports,» he concluded.