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Mavlyan Askarbekov: We have been waiting for fair elections for 25 years

«We have been waiting for fair elections for 25 years,» civil activist Mavlyan Askarbekov said to 24.kg news agency during the campaign «For Fair Elections», which is taking place today in Bishkek at the intersection of Shabdan Baatyr and Akhunbaev Streets.

According to him, the protesters do not campaign citizens for any presidential candidate. «The main idea is to hold the upcoming elections honestly,» the activist said.

He noted that with the beginning of the election campaigning, the society once again faced the use of an administrative resource, bribery of voters and threats.

«We appeal to all candidates for the presidency and the authorities to hold fair elections. Our future depends on them,» he said.

According to the organizers, about 1,000 people participate in the campaign. Law enforcement officers watch order at the scene. Deputy Bolot Sher, Naryn Aiyp, Zhanar Akaev, Edil Baisalov and others are among the participants.