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Energy sector workers reduce purchases of imported coal in Kyrgyzstan

Every year the energy sector workers reduce the volume of purchases of imported coal. But in 2018 there may be problems with the support of domestic producers of the solid fuel. The head of the National Energy Holding Aibek Kaliev said the day before at a government meeting.

The head of the Cabinet, Sapar Isakov, asked why Kyrgyzstan still purchases imported coal from Kazakhstan and when the Bishkek Heating and Power plant will start operating fully using the local coal.

Aibek Kaliev responded that the purchases of Kazakh coal are reduced annually. This year, the volume of imported coal fell by half — to 400,000 tons (last year, 700,000 tons were purchased). As an alternative to the high-calorific coal of «D» grade from Kazakhstan, the energy specialists decided to conduct an experiment: two boilers of the station will be heated using Kazakh coal of «B» grade.

«Next year, we should prepare well for the price of coal issue. We are members of the Eurasian Economic Union, and there will be higher competition. If now we state in the tender that we need Kyrgyz coal of «B» grade, next year we will be able to name only the brand,» Aibek Kaliev said.

In his turn, Prime Minister Sapar Isakov said that Kyrgyzstan should preserve the domestic coal market: it is necessary to pursue a coal policy in order not to lose in future. He was supported by the Deputy Prime Minister Temir Dzhumakadyrov.

«We must have a strategy in this sphere. I would like to suggest to Aibek Kaliev to give a clear proposal on this issue,» he concluded.