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Kyrgyz Ombudsman establishes headquarters for presidential elections monitoring

Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Kubat Otorbaev established a headquarters for monitoring presidential elections. Press service of the executive office of the ombudsman reported.

According to it, the staff includes employees of human rights institutions, who will monitor the election process daily. Having detected violations of the electoral process, citizens can call 115 to the Institute of the Ombudsman, the report says.

Based on the results of the work of the headquarters, the human rights commissioner in the Kyrgyz Republic will present an analytical report on the monitoring results for further inclusion in his annual report.

On the basis of the activity of the headquarters, the Ombudsman appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office today with request to pay special attention to all reports on violations of electoral legislation and to take timely adequate measures within the framework of the country’s legislation to eliminate them and bring those responsible to justice.

In particular, the Institute draws attention of the Prosecutor General’s Office to the following facts: the alleged incident that took place in the building of the Philharmonic hall in Osh, expressed in an attempt to prevent a meeting of local residents with one of the candidates, as well as reports that some teachers and supervisors of the Kyrgyz State Academy of Law, Bishkek Humanitarian University, Tokmak Medical College force students to vote for one candidate or another.

In accordance with the law and the decision of the Security Council On measures to prepare and conduct presidential elections in the Kyrgyz Republic dated September 11, one of the key roles in eliminating all kinds of offenses during the election period is assigned to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the report said.

As the executive office of the ombudsman told to 24.kg news agency, when information about violations is received, the members of the headquarters go to the scene of the incident and, if they receive confirmation of the violation, draw up an act, and immediately address the district prosecutor’s office or court, which within one day must make a decision.

As it became known, number 115 is temporarily not working.