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New schools to appear in Bishkek

New schools will appear in Bishkek. This was announced today at a press conference by the head of the education department of the capital Saule Meirmanova.

According to her, as of today there are 95 municipal schools in the capital. In the 2017/2018 academic year, educational complex No. 95 was put into operation — in Jal microdistrict for 600 training places and No. 86 — in the Kalys-Ordo residential area for 660 places. «Both schools are non-standard, interesting. Today, the children already study there,» Saule Meirmanova said.

Until the end of the school year, it is planned to put into operation a school in Ak-Ordo for 960 places. A school will be built in Muras-Ordo. In addition, a kindergarten is being built in Kolmo.

Schools №№ 25, 44, 10 and 28 were closed and didn’t work for the last four years. In 2017, the mayor’s office found an opportunity to repair them. In general, these four schools will increase capacity by 2,800 seats. Commissioning is planned for the end of the year. This will help to reduce the load on other schools.

Schools in Bishkek are overcrowded 2.5 times, despite the construction of new buildings, Saule Meirmanova reported in August 2017. This is connected, she said, with a stable birth rate and a high level of migration.