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Kyrgyzstan plans tenfold increase in production of fish products

The draft program for the development of fisheries and aquaculture in Kyrgyzstan until 2027 was submitted for public discussion.

The purpose of the document is to create in the republic a modern and sustainable fisheries management system and to increase the production of fish products by 2027 at least 10 times.

Under the norms, the consumption of fish products per person should be an average of 9.1 kilograms per year. In 2015, the average per capita consumption of fish and fish products was approximately 1.2 kg, which is 7.6 times less than the required rate.

Production of domestic fish products is a little more than 20 percent of domestic consumption.

«The Fisheries Development Program adopted in 2008 allowed to solve a number of problems, but the fundamental problems remain unresolved. The implementation of the new program will increase fish production, increase food security, improve the diet of citizens of the country, create new jobs for the rural population,» the Ministry of Health noted.

There are more than 70 fish species in the country’s water reservoirs, but only a limited number of species have commercial value. There are no scientifically substantiated assessments of available resources in large fishery reservoirs.

The total production of fish in 2016 reached a maximum and amounted to 2,020 tons.