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Local observers complain about head of Bishkek TEC

Observers from Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society told 24.kg news agency how they face problems during accreditation in territorial election commissions.

According to Ulan Dastan uulu, the head of Bishkek TEC Kairat Mamatov demanded a notarized copy of the registration of NGOs and accreditation cards of observers from the representatives of the coalition.

«This is a violation of the law, since there is no such rule — to provide copies and certificates. As soon as observers get accreditation in the CEC, they start working,» Ulan Dastan uulu explained.

Bishkek TEC says that this is a common practice and it’s not a matter of prejudice against observers from the civil sector.

The CEC continues to accredit both local and international representatives of various organizations who will monitor the election process on October 15.