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Sugar in Kyrgyzstan falls in price for 5 soms for week

Sugar in Kyrgyzstan fallen in price for 5 soms for a week, the Ministry of Economy reported.

It is noted that the average retail price of sugar in the Bishkek markets was 48.55 soms per kg. Compared with last week, prices fell by 5 soms. In the city of Osh, sugar has fallen in price by 8 soms and costs 50.52 soms per kilogram. The lowest price was recorded in Karakol — 45.46 soms.

Prices for rice and vegetable oil for a week haven’t changed. The average price for rice in Bishkek is 65-75 KGS per kilogram, per liter of oil — 80-95 KGS.

Comparative analysis shows that some types of vegetables are cheaper on the Alamedin and Orto-Sai markets than in Osh. For example, cabbage on Orto-Sai is 12.5, on Alamedin — 15 soms, on Osh — 16.5 soms. Onions on Orto-Sai are also cheaper — 22.5 soms. In other markets, it is sold at 27.5 soms. Cucumbers on Orto-Sai on 40 soms, on Osh — on 45 soms, and on Alamedinsky — on 47.5 soms.

At the same time, potatoes in the Osh and Alamedin markets cost 22.5 soms, and on Orto-Sai — 30 soms.