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Islamization of society – problem for model business

Representatives of the beauty industry at a conference in Bishkek discussed the problems of the model business, one of which was the growing Islamization.

«On the one hand, girls in Kyrgyzstan have become more confident and liberated, on the other — in recent years there is an Islamization of society. For example, girls refuse to shoot in swimsuits,» the founder of the modeling agency Vitalina Shevchenko said.

The representatives of Armenia noted that in their country the girls also don’t trust the model business. Nevertheless, according to the gathered, the beauty industry in the CIS is developing.

Vitalina Shevchenko said that the search for new models takes place in different ways. Some girls themselves come to the modeling agency to be taught how to properly care for themselves and keep on the podium or photo sessions. With promising one the contract is concluded. But it also happens that the girls are «caught» right on the street, in the shops.

First Vice-Mrs Kyrgyzstan-2017, winner of the title «Mrs. Photogenic» at the contest «Mrs. Universe-2017» Aida Chotkaraeva gave the beginning models the following advice: «The main factor of success in the modeling business is an interesting appearance and emancipation. It’s important to stop being afraid of cameras and people when you’re on the podium.»