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Ex-premier believes that Liglass harms Kyrgyzstan, not even having started work

Ex-premier believes that Liglass Trading has harmed Kyrgyzstan, not even having started work. Temir Sariev harshly spoke about the scandal with the Czech company. The comment is published on his Facebook page.

According to him, the scandalous construction of the hydroelectric power station, given to an unknown Czech company Liglass Trading is a vivid example of unprofessionalism and abuses by public servants. First of all, according to Temir Sariev, there are approved rules for holding such contests, designed to ensure transparency and selection of companies with the necessary qualifications.

«These rules were grossly violated. Despite warnings from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Czech company doesn’t have work experience and is bankrupt, it was allowed to participate in the tender. The company forged its site, placing there information about allegedly implemented earlier projects in the field of hydropower and a certificate from the bank on the availability of financial resources. Such violations testify to someone’s interest in such an outcome,» the former head of the Cabinet commented.

He also recalled that initially the competition was held only for small HPPs. And in this case it is unclear how the project for the construction of the Verkhnenaryn cascade of HPPs was additionally given without the tender of Liglass Trading. The politician is sure that the statements that the state won’t lose anything, if the Czech company doesn’t transfer money, is a lie.

The losses will be enormous. The project of the Verkhnenarynsky cascade of HPPs will become and has already become scandalous. And at the international level.

Temir Sariev

«The largest newspapers of the Czech Republic have been writing about this for two months already. Investigation of security services started. Now attract new investors who value their reputation to this project will be incredibly difficult, if at all possible. Kyrgyzstan will be forced to make big concessions. The reputation of the country in the international arena, the general investment climate created in bitterness in recent years, has suffered greatly. Such amateurish statements show all the unprofessionalism of the persons who carried out this transaction, the absence of state thinking and a complete lack of understanding of how investment decisions are made in the modern world,» Temir Sariev said.

He is convinced that law enforcement agencies should immediately begin checking all the facts and identify those who lobbied for the arrival of scammers in the country.

«I have no doubt that even if not today, in the future, all responsible persons will be punished for this,» Temir Sariev concluded.