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Kanatbek Isayev drops out of presidential race

Kanatbek Isayev dropped out of the presidential race, the Central Election Commission informed 24.kg news agency.

It is noted that Kanatbek Isayev submitted 37,633 signature sheets. Of these, 10,400 were declared invalid. As a result of the inspection, only 27,221 signatures in support of the applicant were recognized as valid.

For registration, the candidate must submit 30,000 reliable subscription lists.

Kanatbek Isayev was nominated by «Kyrgyzstan» party.

Recall, on May 11, the State National Security Committee charged him with the article «Corruption». According to the investigation, he, being the mayor of Tokmak, illegally transferred the municipal land plot of general use to the ownership of a private company for the construction of a shopping center. Later he was accused of selling illegally and at a low price a building with a section of the state library in Tokmok and illegally transferring contract works for the construction of the auto station of the company affiliated with them at the expense of the city budget.