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With aging, elderly Kyrgyzstanis increasingly engage in self-treatment

With aging, elderly Kyrgyzstanis increasingly engage in self-treatment. This was reported today at the presentation of the study «Elderly People in Kyrgyzstan».

It is noted that 31 percent of citizens over 80 years old need constant external care, but only 12 percent receive it.

«In an earlier age, one of the main reasons for not seeking medical care is the lack of time, while with age, the percentage of distrust to doctors increases, it is increasingly difficult to pay for medical services and buy expensive drugs,» the study said.

The ambulance teams sometimes refuse to provide services to the most elderly people, and they are increasingly engaged in the treatment of folk remedies and self-treatment.

«Not all the elderly are covered by the state guarantees program, not everyone can take advantage of preferential recipes,» the head of the Ministry of Social Development, Cholpon Mambetaipova added. — The main problem is that the elderly don’t receive the attention they are counting on. They gave their strength and energy, the age affects health and financial opportunities, and they want to get that support from the state they count on."