Main candidates for the presidency of Kyrgyzstan: who they are news agency collected information on real candidates
The presidential race in Kyrgyzstan is in full swing. Some candidates received official status after registration at the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums. Others are still puffing over collecting signatures and looking for money to create an electoral fund. Others have already fallen short.

Initially, it was clear that the chances of fighting for the post number 1 have only a few. Some self-nominees are known only to neighbors in the staircase.
Premiers strive for presidency
At once two former and one current prime ministers participate in the race. Temir Sariev and Omurbek Babanov have already been officially registered.

Sooronbai Jeenbekov continues to tempt fate. He received several complaints about his use of official position, attracting an administrative resource, but didn't leave the post of head of government to the last.

Moreover, the law allows him to leave his post only at the time of elections.
Before the official registration (September 10), he can fill the post, and after registration has the right to suspend the authority. In this case, the Prime Minister is in a favorable position. If he doesn't win elections - remains the head of government. If he wins - will become president. This is our legislation
Kairat Osmonaliev
Member of the CEC
Candidate №1
Temir Sariev was the first to submit all necessary documents to the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums. But will he be the first in this race?
In the politics of Kyrgyzstan, he is a well-known personality: he was a deputy of the parliament, and the minister, and the head of government.

Temir Sariev is a native of Sokuluk district of Chui oblast. He started his career in 1983 as a forwarder at the Alamedin fur factory. 1989-1991 spent on political work.

In 2000 he was elected a deputy of the parliament, and in 2007 he became co-chairman of the political party "Union of Democratic Forces "Akshumkar". A year later he headed the association and is still its undisputed leader.

Political way. Vote of no confidence
The April 2010 revolution brought Temir Sariev new posts - deputy chairman of the interim government and finance minister.

However, his party couldn't overcome the three-percent threshold in the parliamentary elections. "Akshumkar" missed the boat of past the parliament.

Nevertheless, Temir Sariev wasn't thrown out of politics, but was appointed as minister of economy. It was he who promoted the entry of Kyrgyzstan into the Customs, and then the Eurasian Economic Union.

On May 2, 2015, Temir Sariev was appointed prime minister of Kyrgyzstan. He was at this post less than a year because of the scandal associated with tenders for the reconstruction of the Issyk-Kul road. The Provisional Parliamentary Commission proposed to the parliament to express a vote of no confidence to the Cabinet of Ministers.
Candidate №2
The former Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov is the second officially registered presidential candidate. He goes to the polls as a self-nominated candidate.
He was born in the village of Chimkent, Talas oblast. Omurbek Babanov is a striking example of a successful entrepreneur. He has three higher educations, two of which he received in Russia.
Before joining the power structures, he was engaged in business. He headed a number of large firms with a share of state capital in the export of cotton and the supply of petroleum products to the republic.

Omurbek Babanov with ex-president of the KR Kurmanbek Bakiyev
In 2007, he joined the opposition, demanding the resignation of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. After the revolution and the flight of the head of state from the country he became the first vice-prime-minister in the government of Almazbek Atambayev.
In June 2010, he founded the party "Respublika", which received 13 percent of the votes in the elections and joined the parliament.

He was Prime Minister from December 23, 2011 to September 1, 2012. He served as head of government from September 23 to November 14, 2011, when Almazbek Atambayev participated in the presidential campaign.
No wonder why Almazbek Atambayev at the final press conference said: "If there was no candidate from SDPK, I would support Omurbek Babanov".
The story of one horse
Hobby of Omurbek Babanov almost "killed" him. Turkish businessman gave him a horse worth $ 1 million.
Later, the politician was accused of taking bribes. Allegedly the Turkish company "Serka" presented an elite horse to build an air navigation tower in the country at "Manas" airport.

"Gift" arrived in Kyrgyzstan with a note "without payment of services", and the assistant to the general director of the airport took the cargo. In this connection, they concluded that the Prime Minister "covers" the Turkish company.

After the scandal followed the collapse of the parliamentary coalition and, as a consequence, the resignation of Omurbek Babanov.
At one of the speeches in 2012, Omurbek Babanov said that by 2017 the republic will become a regional leader in the field of agriculture. We will feed not only ourselves, but also all neighbors.

His words partly came true: Kyrgyzstan really has the opportunity to supply products to the markets of the EEU. But for this it is necessary to observe certain conditions, which not all entrepreneurs adhere to.

Prime Minister - candidate
As a candidate for president, he was nominated by SDPK.
Sooronbai Jeenbekov is a native of the Osh oblast. He specializes in zoology. Political career, like many, began with the parliament. He even managed the Ministry of Agriculture for six months, and then went into business.

Since 2010, he headed Osh oblast. After a five-year stable governor's job, Sooronbai Jeenbekov was promoted to the career ladder. First, appointed the head of the State Personnel Service, then - the first deputy head of the presidential staff, and then - and the prime minister.
Brother for Brother
Asylbek Jeenbekov always was in the thick of political things of Kyrgyzstan. But as soon as the candidature of Sooronbai Jeenbekov was proposed for the post of prime minister, his younger brother, being the speaker of the parliament, immediately announced his resignation.
Chyk eshikke!

Sooronbai Jeenbekov is called one of the most serious prime ministers of Kyrgyzstan. One can rarely see a smile on his face.

At one of the meetings of the government he didn't like the report of the deputy director of the State Agency for Architecture and Construction. Sooronbai Jeenbekov simply drove out the unprepared official with the words: "Chyk eshikke!" ("Get out!")
Sooronbai Jeenbekov reprimanded the deputy director of the State Agency for Architecture and Construction
A young upstart
Among the obvious leaders of the presidential race, Kanatbek Isayev is the youngest. His candidacy was nominated by the party "Kyrgyzstan".

He is a native of Chui oblast. Since 2008, he was the mayor of the city of Tokmak, and in 2010 he received a deputy mandate. For 5 years of work in the parliament, he grew up to create his own party.
How to get to the library?

The young politician has already managed to soil the reputation. By the decision of Tokmak city council in March 2010, the building where the book storeroom is located was transferred to private hands. This document was approved by the then mayor of Tokmak, Kanatbek Isayev.

A criminal case was opened against him. The judiciary has not yet made a decision.

Book storeroom in Tokmak became the subject of legal disputes
And again about the road
The pre-election race makes politicians talkative. Each of them hastens to make a sensational confession. Kanatbek Isayev is no exception. He told the truth about the construction of the road Balykchi - Korumdu, for which Temir Sariev paid with the prime minister's post.
I officially declare that no member of the commission has ever said that someone took a bribe of $ 6 million or another amount. This is someone's rumors, someone spread them. Once again, the commission didn't raise and consider this issue. None of the commission members accused Temir Sariev or anyone else of allegedly taking bribes in connection with the tender
Kanatbek Isayev
Presidential candidate
Say a word for the poor hussar
Bakyt Torobayev is the second of those Almazbek Atambayev spoke for. Not that it helped him, but made a kind of advertising.
A sane opposition is being created in parliament. Babanov and Torobayev work very systematically. I think they both will become presidential candidates. I will not predict, because everything is changing rapidly, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of them becomes president
Almazbek Atambayev
President of the KR
The politician was born in the Jalal-Abad oblast. His father Ergesh Torobayev for many years was engaged in lawmaking. Bakyt Torobayev at this time - entrepreneurship.

In 2010, he became a deputy of the parliament from "Respublika" party. Three years later he left it, creating the deputy group "Onuguu-Progress", which at the elections-2015 became a full-fledged political association.
Torobayev's light bulb
The election campaign-2015 was remembered with million expenses of "Onuguu-Progress". Similar generosity is not observed at present. Only 2.8 million soms were transferred to Torobayev's Electoral Fund.

The party was remembered only by the fact that it was trying to realize the project " Light City" in Bishkek, screwing up light bulbs in the capital's yards at its own expense. True, it didn't become lighter from this.
Stormy past
The stormy past of some candidates for the main post of the country hinders on the way to the cherished goal.
Just after having registered as a candidate, Omurbek Tekebayev, the deputy of the parliament, received a term of 8 years with confiscation of property on charges of corruption. The court applied amnesty, shortening the term to 4.5 years, but the leader of Ata Meken is unlikely to feel better of it.
Sparkling expressions "Winter will not be" and "Putin is a complex biorobot" will not help Arstanbek Abdyldaev. Although, unlike some, he spent about a million soms on the elections. Approximately the same amount spent Sooronbai Jeenbekov. But their chances are obviously not equal.
Fans of rallies
The criminal past was also recalled to Sadyr Japarov. In 2013, he was convicted of attempted forcible seizure of power. This conviction is not removed from official records. But this was not enough for him, and he added one more conviction in 2017.
Presidential race is impossible without Tursunbek Akun. All political events one way or another don't pass without his participation. Once he goes on a hunger strike, then he is taken hostage, then he sentenced to public works for participating in the rally.

But this has nothing to do with the presidential elections. Just little pranks.

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