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$ 41 million. Which services of Kyrgyzstan to receive money from Kazakhstan

During the IV Economic Forum «Issyk-Kul-2017» a detailed list of technical assistance to Kyrgyzstan for $ 41 million was signed between the Deputy Minister of Economy Almaz Sazbakov and the Vice-Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kanat Baedilov.

Technical assistance from Kazakhstan is aimed at arrangement and technical equipping of the objects of the customs infrastructure, improvement of veterinary, phytosanitary and quarantine systems in accordance with international standards, modernization of testing laboratories and other activities.

Who will receive the money?

— State veterinary phyto-inspection;
— Ministry of Agriculture;

— Gossanepidnadzor;

— Center for Standardization;

— State Customs Service;
— Department of Medical Supply and Medical Equipment;

— Single window under the Ministry of Economy;

— Fire prevention service;

— Kyrgyztemirjolu;

— State Agency of Communications;

— Department of precious metals.

Under the agreement between the governments of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the KR, signed in December 2016, Kazakhstan allocates $ 100 million. Assistance is provided in stages.

The technical assistance is directed to the implementation of the road map projects on the accession of Kyrgyzstan to the EEU Treaty.

In the future, assistance will be provided depending on agreed budgets for subsequent financing.