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Kyrgyz officials may get on EU blacklist

Kyrgyz officials can get on the EU blacklist. This was written by journalist Maris Krautmanis in the NRA.

According to him, the Latvian Foreign Ministry is studying measures to protect the citizens of the country and is considering entering the black list of the EU and Latvia of Kyrgyz officials associated with the Manas bank case.

The court sentenced four Latvian citizens, former officials of the Manas Bank, including its shareholder Valery Belokon, to 20 years in prison. The verdict was taken in absentia, it doesn’t have legal force. It will not be carried out either in Latvia, in the European Union, or in any civilized state, says the publicist.

He believes that the trial was initially politicized, the case was fabricated as revenge for the unfavorable verdict of the International Arbitration for the Kyrgyz authorities, indicating that the KR must pay a citizen of Latvia Valery Belokon $ 16.5 million compensation for illegally taken away bank.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia sent a note to Kyrgyzstan because of illegal actions against Latvian citizens, demanding to explain why such violations were committed.

Recall, the information department of the government of Kyrgyzstan said that the republic shouldn’t pay the owner of Manas Bank CJSC $ 16.5 million. The Paris Court of Appeal overturned the arbitral award in favor of Valery Belokon on the grounds that Manas Bank was engaged in the laundering of criminal proceeds.