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EEC distributes quotas for various types of agricultural products between EEU

The EEC Collegium distributed quotas for various types of agricultural products between the EEU countries, the press service of the commission reported.

Russia and Belarus will share a tariff quota for certain types of long-grain rice from Vietnam, which is planned to be supplied to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in 2018.

Under the Agreement on a free trade zone between the EEU and Vietnam, 10,000 tons of rice can be imported to the countries of the union at a zero rate per year. For rice imported in excess of the quota, one has to pay 10 percent of the customs duty, but not less than € 0.03 per kilogram.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan fully cover their needs in rice. In Armenia, with respect to such varieties of rice in 2018, a zero rate of customs duties will be applied. Therefore, the quota is distributed between Belarus and Russia.

Quotas are distributed in relation to various types of meat and dairy products imported into the EEU, using a reduced customs duty rate.

Belarus will receive 20,000 tons of pork, 10,000 tons of chicken meat, 0.9 thousand tons of turkey. And 3,500 tons of cattle and pork meat, 58,000 tons of poultry meat will be sent to Kyrgyzstan. Kazakhstan will have 21,000 tons of cattle meat, 140,000 tons of poultry meat. Russia — 570,000 tons of cattle, 430,000 tons of pork, 364,000 tons of meat, 15,000 tons of milk whey.

In addition, a zero customs duty will be applied temporarily (1 year) for a number of components for the production of bicycles. For two years (until December 31, 2019), the zero rate of import customs duties for certain types of cocoa products has been extended.