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More than 200 mln soms laid for development of new buildings in Bishkek in 2017

More than 200 million soms were laid in the budget for the development of new buildings in Bishkek in 2017. The head of the Public Administration Department of Capital Construction Stalbek Omurkanov informed 24.kg news agency.

Note, today the residents of the new building «Altyn-Kazyk», located near the city dump, came to the mayor’s office to demand improvement of living conditions.

Stalbek Omurkanov noted that «there are a lot of problems with new buildings,» therefore someone regularly comes to the mayor’s office.

First, a general plan has to be drawn up, social and engineering infrastructure has been created, and then one could talk about allocating plots. But here sites are allocated at first, and then wire waterpipe, power supply, build neighborhood health centers, schools and kindergartens residually.

Stalbek Omurkanov

«The sites in Altyn-Kazyk in Pervomaisky district were captured, as in other new buildings. We are working on the objects on which the decree the mayor’s office or government issued. According to Altyn-Kazyk, there are no such documents. If the new building is legalized, we will plan the necessary infrastructure,» the official explained.

«We work within the title, which is considered and approved by the deputies of the city council. This year, 291,300 million soms laid for the residential areas. On this money, schools, kindergartens are being built, a water pipeline laid,» Stalbek Omurkanov noted.