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CEC accredits first international observers for presidential elections

The CEC of Kyrgyzstan accredited the first international observers for the presidential elections. The decision was made today at the meeting of the commission.

Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, invitations to participate in the elections as international observers were sent to the following organizations:

— The Association of World Electoral Bodies,

— Association of European Election Officials,

— Association of Asian Electoral Bodies,

— Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of the Independent States,

— Interparliamentary Assembly,

— The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO),

— The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR / OSCE),

— The Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries (Turk PA),

— Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC),

— Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking countries (CCTS),

— The NATO / NATO Parliamentary Assembly,

— The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe,

— European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission)

— The European Parliament.

Observers from Germany, the Kingdom of Bhutan, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium, China, France are invited.

The process of accreditation of the first international observers from the CEC of Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the representation of the Hanns Seidel Foundation (Germany), the Norwegian Helsinki Committee has already begun.

The chairman of the Central Election Commission of India reported on his intention to observe the election of the president of the KR. The arrival of the CIS mission, the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS countries, a large group of short-term observers from the OSCE / ODIHR, the SCO, the Council of Cooperation of Turkic-speaking countries and many others are expected.