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Elections-2017. Return of a million soms?

Why the CEC will not return one million soms of electoral pledge to the candidates for the presidency of Kyrgyzstan, explained the representative of the Coalition «For Democracy and Civil Society» Dinara Oshurakhunova.

«At one of the meetings at the very beginning of the election process, one of the candidates asked if he would get the money back if he fails to collect 30,000 signatures. Member of the Central Election Commission Adilet Satygulov noted that one million soms is not returned in this case. We thought we misinterpret. Because the law very accurately says that a million is not returned to the candidate, if less than five percent voted for him. This means that the person was registered, he was included in the ballot and voted for,» she explained to 24.kg news agency.

«That is, all the candidates who handed over one million soms in the form of a pledge, but didn’t pass registration, won’t be returned this money. This is a violation of the law. The CEC should return this million. The commission interpreted in a way appropriate to them. Because this money don’t fall into the budget, but go to the special account of the CEC «for the improvement of electoral systems.» The CEC doesn’t report on them. We raised this issue a long time ago, but no politician paid any attention to this,» Dinara Oshurakhunova said.