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Inventory of green plants in Bishkek not carried out since 2005

Inventory of green plants in Bishkek has not been carried out since 2005. This is stated in the Concept for the Development of the Green Fund of the Capital for 2017-2025.

According to the latest inventory, as of January 1, 2005, there were 11 parks, 47 public gardens, 8 gardens, 2 boulevards, 17 forest parks and groves, 90 plant species in the city.

According to experts, compared to 2005, the number of urban green spaces per capita significantly decreased — almost twice — in 2016.

We almost lost almost all the public gardens that were previously available in any district. The most dangerous thing is that the situation continues to deteriorate, despite a constant reminding of the problem.

Ecologist, Professor Emil Shukurov

The reduction is primarily caused by the growing number of citizens — from 775,200 people in 2005 to 988,300 in 2016. The second reason — the building-up of green areas and the third — almost no new plantings.

Other serious problems of the green fund are irrigation network issues, soil depletion, compaction and asphalting of the trunks, wrong pruning of trees that leads to their diseases.