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Rosatom to reclaim three tailing dumps in Kyrgyzstan

Three tailing dumps in Kyrgyzstan will be reclaimed by the end of 2018 at the expense of Rosatom. RIA Novosti reported with reference to the state procurement portal of Russia.

It is noted that the state corporation Rosatom plans to perform the work necessary to transfer into the safe state three uranium mining waste storage facilities that have remained after operation in Soviet times of uranium and coal deposits in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Rosatom has organized a tender for the execution of works on the program for decommissioning (liquidation) of the tailing dump Tuyuk-Suu, conservation of the tailings dump Dalneye and re-cultivation of the tailings dump Kadzhi-Sai. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the country is the national customer of the program from Kyrgyzstan.

The objectives of the work are engineering preparation for the decommissioning of tailing dumps located in the vicinity of Min-Kush village, as well as reducing the technogenic and radiation load on the population living in Kadzhi-Sai settlement.

According to the agency, the most difficult situation is in the area of ​​Tuyuk-Suu tailing dump, where 450,000 cubic meters of radioactive waste are concentrated. There is a threat of a landslide with the formation of a pond lake, which as it is filled, will threaten the stability of the tailing dump and lead to its erosion and movement of radioactive materials into Kokomeren river.

According to design specification, by the end of 2018, sides of Tuyuk-Suu tailing dump will be strengthened, the dam will be reconstructed, including the so-called anti-filtration screen in Dalneye tailing. The result of the work in Kadzhi-Sai will be a reclaimed area with protective covering screens, a profiled surface and a perimeter fence.