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Hualin hotel to be built on Victory square instead of Naryn restaurant

Hualin hotel will be built on Victory square instead of Naryn restaurant. Municipal enterprise Bishkekglavarhitektura reported.

Meeting of the town council will be held tomorrow, July 28. The agenda includes consideration of the project on the construction of Hualin hotel instead of the former restaurant Naryn at the intersection of Ibraimova and Frunze Streets. De He Co LTD together with Naryn CJSC proposes to place on this territory Hualin hotel," the agenda says.

Recall, De He Co LTD owns the territory of Naryn restaurant on the right of long-term lease. Based on the decision of the Bishkek mayor’s office dated October 25, 2016, the monument of architecture of local importance (the building of the former restaurant Naryn) is recognized as lost. The Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism considers it possible to demolish the building.

It is reported that instead of a restaurant it is planned to build a 23-storey hotel. 20 floors will be ground and 3 — underground for parking. The new building will also have a shopping center, cafes, offices, hotel rooms. Note, one more hotel Damas is situated nearby Naryn restaurant, owned by the wife of MP Akylbek Japarov.