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Main factor of radicalization - low level of education of youth

«The Muslim world is in a severe crisis: colonial and neo-colonial policies against the Muslim countries for a long period of history lead to frustration and radicalization," theologian Kadyr Malikov said today at the round table «Challenges and prospects of the intellectual development of Muslim youth in Central Asia and Russia

According to him, one of the main factors of radicalization is the low level of education and awareness of young people, as well as the lack of knowledge about the various destructive trends within Islam itself.

«The Islamic revival in our countries is not connected with the number of believers, but with the intellectual and scientific development of Islamic thought, raising the legal culture of the Muslims, social activity and the involvement of young people in the country’s social processes," Kadyr Malikov said.

The theologian noted that it is necessary to take into account that external destructive forces, as well as their satellites under the guise of bringing pure Islam through different projects, carry out the expansion of ideologies alien to the region.