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CIS countries to exchange lists of citizens involved in terrorism

The CIS countries will exchange lists of citizens involved in terrorism. The head of the organizational and legal department of the State Financial Intelligence Service under the government of Kyrgyzstan Chyngyz Kenenbayev told journalists.

An expert group meeting is held in Minsk to negotiate over a new treaty of the CIS countries on combating money laundering, financing of terrorism and countering the spread of mass destruction weapons.

The parties envisaged that states can recognize terrorist lists so that in CIS space we can join forces to combat this kind of crimes. Recognition of such lists will be carried out by concluding relevant agreements between the countries of the Commonwealth. At the same time, such a rule is already in force between Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

If the expert meeting approves the draft agreement, it is planned to sign it in November within the framework of the Council of Heads of Government. It is planned to create a unified database of persons suspected of and involved in terrorist activities.

Chyngyz Kenenbayev

The draft agreement also provides for measures to combat spread of weapons of mass destruction, cooperation measures in the field of confiscation of property illegally withdrawn from a particular country and returning it back. The document was developed by the Council of heads of financial intelligence units of CIS countries. The previous discussion took place in January this year, after which it was sent to the Commonwealth. However, in the course of the domestic coordination, a number of comments and suggestions were received.