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First Kyrgyzstan-China railway project was unprofitable for country

The first project of Kyrgyzstan-China railway was unprofitable for the country. The President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev told journalists today, explaining why he opposed the construction.

According to him, initially, the project provided that the railroad comes from Torugart and immediately goes to Jalal-Abad, and there is no land in the Kyrgyz territory to build a station, even for unloading the cars. It turned out that the railroad would carry goods from China to Uzbekistan. That is why the president opposed such a project.

«We do not need a road that does not make a single stop on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. And when one of the leaders of the faction was indignant and threatened to raise this issue in the Parliament, I replied that then I would also say that he is also lobbying someone. Therefore, we proposed to China our own route, which is a little longer, but comes from At-Bashi district and goes through Kazarman to the south. And literally at the last meeting in Beijing, Xi Jinping and I talked about this, argued. But why should we build such a road, just to build? Yes, our variant is more expensive by $ 1.5 billion, but it is economically viable. We will have our own railway on the territory of the country," the President stressed.