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Another scandal. Kazakhstan accused of support of Temir Sariev

»Kazakhstan interferes in the internal affairs of Kyrgyzstan," representatives of the youth movement For Fair Elections in Kyrgyzstan told 24.kg news agency.

Article about the pre-election balance of Kyrgyz political forces was published in Kala Men Dala newspaper.

According to activist Zhanybek Turdiev, the Kazakh media made it clear that Temir Sariyev will win the election. Members of the movement are sure that in such a way Kazakhstan is trying to impose on Kyrgyzstan the candidate they need.

«Everyone knows that official Astana is rendering implicit support to Temir Sariev, which directly contradicts the legislation of Kyrgyzstan, which prohibits any interference by foreign states in the election process," Zhanybek Turdiev said.

Activists intend to file a complaint to the Central Election Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic and demand an assessment.

Election headquarters of Temir Sariev said that they do not know anything about the article in the Kazakh press.

«There is no support from Kazakhstan for us," press secretary of Temir Sariev Nazira Akhmedova stressed.

The newspaper Kala Men Dala has been published in Kazakhstan since 2014.

This is not the first incident with the candidates for the presidency.

Earlier, the scandal broke out with the self-nominee Omurbek Babanov. The so-called people’s Kurultai initiated by him in Ata Jurt Party was called illegal, and Babanov’s nomination — illegitimate.