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Yekaterinburg –Bishkek flight delayed for 6 hours because of flock of birds

Flight to Bishkek from Yekaterinburg was yesterday delayed for 6 hours because of flock of birds. Russian media reported.

Birds hit the plane in Simferopol. The flight to Yekaterinburg was postponed due to the forced repair of the nose cone. Damage of the fuselage was discovered during the post-flight inspection of the aircraft. It caused changes in the entire route. Flights of the Ural Airlines were delayed: from Simferopol — for 2 hours and from Anapa — for 2.5 hours.

People could not leave for Bishkek for 6 hours (flight U6-2985). People leaving for Prague (U6-901) and Simferopol (U6-2931) also had to wait for several hours.