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Kyrgyzstanis can stay in Kazakhstan for 30 days without registration

In connection with the entry into force of the agreement between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz citizens can now stay in Kazakhstan without registration for 30 calendar days. Earlier, this period was 5 days. Press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

It is specified that the term of temporary stay is calculated from the date of entry of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan into Kazakhstan, confirmed by a migration card and (or) the mark of border control agencies made at the entrance to the territory of Kazakhstan.

In case of stay of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan on the territory of Kazakhstan for more than 30 calendar days, it is necessary to register (at the place of stay) in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.

«Registration of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic is carried out for a period not exceeding 90 calendar days from the moment of crossing the state border of Kazakhstan, and may be extended for the same period," the report said.

Similar rules will be applied to citizens of Kazakhstan intending to visit Kyrgyzstan for a short period.