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Patrol police to be reformed again

«The Security Council proposed to reform the Main Directorate of the Patrol Police and make appropriate changes to the regime of its operation," Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov said after the meeting of the Security Council.

According to him, it is proposed to exclude functions not belonging to the Main Directorate from its duties. Its task will be exclusively the traffic safety.

«We want the mechanisms of qualitative analysis of the causes and conditions of the traffic accidents will be worked out for their further eradication. We want to use an open complex when recruiting new employees to the patrol police. A program of training and retraining of patrol police staff will be created. These measures will contribute to the growth of professionalism," Zhenish Razakov said.

He shared plans that the patrol police employees will be equipped with tablets with a single database of vehicles, drivers, road accidents and other information.

«Employees look at the technical condition of cars, participate in the meeting of the Commission for the repurposing of cars. We think that these are superfluous functions. Via the Main Directorate of the Patrol Police, we need to get a good analysis center for the causes of traffic accidents. We want to minimize contact between the driver and employees. This approach will enable us to exclude the practice of withdrawal driving licenses," Secretary of the Security Council Temir Jumakadyrov said.