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Money for MegaCom to be spent on safe roads and protection from emergencies

Money for MegaCom Company will be spent on safe roads and protection from emergencies. Secretary of the Security Council Temir Jumakadirov told journalists today.

According to him, a set of measures on two issues has already been considered. The Security Council approved it. The Security Council is to present it to the public in the near future. At the same time, the necessary finances are needed to implement the tasks set.

«The president set the task to determine specific sources of financing for each item. In particular, the issue of spending money from MegaCom sale on these purposes is discussed," Temir Jumakadirov commented.

Earlier, government officials also promised to complete the construction of Issyk-Kul road, using the money from the sale of this mobile communications provider.

MegaCom has already been auctioned for several years. There is no one willing to buy the problem object among the investors.