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SDPK: Renat Samudinov has no right to assume status of leader of youth wing

Neither Renat Samudinov nor anyone else has the right to assume the status of the leader of the youth wing of SDPK. The political party reported.

It is noted that the party consists of more than 2,000 young activists who work in the territorial party organizations of the country. «At the moment, there has been no official decision to create such an intra-party unit as the youth wing. At the same time, the political council is working on more active involvement of youth in party work and promotion of its representatives to the governing bodies of SDPK. Perhaps, the actions and statements of Renat Samudinov are connected with the prospects that open up to other young activists," the party explained.

Up to now, SDPK had favorable attitude to the peculiarities of Renat Samudinov’s behavior. After the parliamentary elections in 2010, he created another political association and left SDPK. But even after that, the party members went to meet him and again agreed to involve him in work. «Any opinion expressed by a member of the party is welcomed, but according to the charter, it is his private opinion, unless he has the appropriate authority to represent the party or any of its subdivisions," SDPK noted.