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KR lacks will to ratify UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Public organizations of citizens with disabilities of the Kyrgyz Republic demand from Parliament and the government to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as soon as possible.

Activists more than once held campaigns in support of the document; in 2015 they collected signatures for ratification of the convention.

«We handed over the signatures to the government’s executive office, but nothing has changed, absolute inaction," the head of Nazik Kyz NGO Ukei Murataliyeva told 24.kg news agency today. «The main argument for the government’s refusal is the lack of funding. However, we believe that there is not enough political will because each country has the right to implement the document based on its capabilities.»

«The Ministry of Social Development every four years postpones the adoption of measures to ratify the convention. And the next cycle ends this year. Who knows, maybe they will come up with the next cycle," Ukei Muratalieva said.

«The ratification itself will improve the conditions and quality of life of the whole community. After all, not only people with disabilities live in Kyrgyzstan, but also elderly citizens and young parents. The creation of a barrier-free environment will positively affect the image of the country, the quality of life. This must be understood," she added.

Earlier it was reported that 36 billion soms would be required to introduce the convention.

«There is no need to save money. Moreover, this amount can be divided into ten years. And after all, the country is already doing some of the work. Changes in laws, for example, do not require financial expenses," Ukei Muratalieva stressed.

Currently, there are 178,000 registered people with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan.