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Director General of OTRK tells about threats from presidential candidates

Ilim Karypbekov, Director General of OTRK (Public Television and Radio Corporation) told about the first threats he received from active participants of the election race, among whom there are candidates who have already announced their participation in the elections.

«Everybody wants one thing — air time. Many want to take advantage of the situation, appear in one or another format, referring allegedly to a news event. But we can not broadcast advertising video before the election campaign begins. We are trying hard to suppress any information about those who have already announced their intention to run and potential candidates," Ilim Karypbekov told 24.kg news agency.

«When we refuse to PR, emotions turn on. The tension is already very large. There are threats with a very tough conversation after the elections are over, starting with what they will try to do to get me fired. They promise problems that are not voiced, but various hints come," the head of the OTRK noted.

«I think that this is only the beginning," Ilim Karypbekov suggests. «Therefore, I would like to ask you to remain calm. No matter how OTRK is accused of bias or something else, we will adhere to objectivity and editorial policy as much as possible and act strictly in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic

«We understand how historically important these elections are for Kyrgyzstan. No one is going to use the air time to lobby for someone’s interests. We understand that there will be a very difficult struggle, and we will try to treat everyone equally," the Director General of OTRK summed up.