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Gulnara Dzhurabaeva tells about nuances of election campaigning

The ban on campaigning doesn’t apply to candidates who haven’t been nominated yet. The CEC member Gulnara Dzhurabaeva told today at a roundtable on covering the elections.

«For example, the president recently positively spoke of the Prime Minister as a worthy candidate. It was agitation. But, as one member of the CEC said, he hasn’t been nominated yet," she said.

Gulnara Dzhurabaeva suggests at the legislative level to allow candidates immediately after the announcement of elections to create an electoral fund and to start the agitation period.

«This is the only way we can provide all candidates with the same conditions. Otherwise, the deputies begin to widely inform about their activities, the Prime Minister, taking advantage of opportunities to cover his work, is agitating citizens," she says.

Dzhurabaeva noted that according to the law, agitation is an appeal to vote or not to vote, an expression of preferences for one candidate, a description of the possible consequences, if elected, and information not related to his professional activities.

«For example, if a candidate says that he is a wonderful family man, this is agitation," she said.