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Italian farmer draws portrait of Putin on 130-meter field

An Italian farmer «drew» a portrait of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin using his tractor on his field in Veneto region in the north of the country. Russian media reported with reference to L’Arena.it.

According to them, the portrait of the Russian leader replaced the image of the US President Donald Trump, which Dario Gambarin made after harvesting at the end of the last year.

Dario Gambarin became famous several years ago thanks to his art to draw huge portraits of world leaders and symbolic messages devoted to significant global events. A huge field serves as a canvas for him, and a tractor and a plow are his brush and paints. The heroes of his works at different times were former US President Barack Obama, the leader of the Cuba's Revolution Fidel Castro, Pope Francis and other politicians and celebrities.  

Having completed the harvesting, the Italian farmer drew the portrait of Putin, timed to the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg.

The portrait of the Russian President drawn by a tractor can be seen only from a bird’s eye view. The portrait is 135 meters wide and is accompanied by his surname, written in Cyrillic, and the signature «G20 2017».