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Young people in Kyrgyzstan don’t worry about their reproductive health

46 percent of young people in Kyrgyzstan don’t worry about their reproductive health. An opinion poll was conducted within the framework of M-Report project to determine the medical awareness.

The poll involved 733 young people from all regions of Kyrgyzstan.

The findings of the survey indicate that young people in Kyrgyzstan don’t have sufficient knowledge in the field of reproductive and sexual behavior. Thus, 34 percent of the respondents believe that the causes of their reproductive health problems can be the early start of sexual activity, non-compliance with hygiene, as well as sexually transmitted infections. 25 percent of young people don’t know at all, what could be the reason for the malfunction of their reproductive health.

On the topic of reproductive health, young people are ready to talk with doctors (47 percent), friends (21 percent), parents (13 percent) and 14 percent noted that they are not ready to discuss this topic with anyone.

When asked where you get information about your reproductive health, 40 percent noted that on the Internet, 29 percent from doctors and only 2 percent at school. It is noteworthy that young people from 14 to 18 and 28 years old indicated doctors as the first source of information, while respondents from 20 to 28 years are dominated by the Internet as a source.

As for the topic, 64 percent of the respondents in the company of friends sometimes talk about sexual intercourse, pregnancy and abortion. 21 percent noted that they had never talked about such topics and 11 percent regularly discussed these topics. Naturally, respondents above 25 years of age are regularly discussing the above topics, while most of the students answered that they don’t talk about such topics at all.

As a result of the survey, it became clear that young people in Kyrgyzstan are poorly informed in the field of maintaining and strengthening reproductive health, which proves the need for work to improve her knowledge.

National Institute for Strategic Studies