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Court upholds claim of Prosecutor General against Zanoza, Cholpon Dzhakupova

Judge of Oktyabrsky District Court, Kymbat Arkharova, upheld the claim of the Prosecutor General to Zanoza website and Cholpon Dzhakupova. Judge went to consultation room at 3.25 pm, and the decision was announced at 3.47 pm.

The Prosecutor General’s Office filed a lawsuit to protect the honor and dignity of the President of Kyrgyzstan. Four defendants were named in the case: journalist Naryn Aiyp, editor-in-chief of Zanoza Dina Maslova, media outlet itself and the head of Adilet Legal Clinic Cholpon Dzhakupova. The reason for this was the information dated March 30 from the round table organized by the Institute of Ombudsman in support of freedom of speech at which Cholpon Dzhakupova criticized the President.