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CEC registers representatives of presidential candidates

The Central Election Commission has registered representatives of presidential candidates of Kyrgyzstan Kamila Sharshekeeva and Tursunbai Bakir uulu. The decision was made today at the meeting.

The working group considered the issue of registration of plenipotentiary representatives of these two candidates for the post of the President of the country and recommended CEC to submit for voting the resolution on registration of all representatives and issue them standard registration certificates.

It was noted that the documents corresponded to all requirements, the CEC did not see any grounds for refusing registration.

Thus, Chyngyz Sharshekeev was registered as an authorized representative for the election of a candidate for the post of President of the Kyrgyz Republic Kamila Sharshekeeva.

Bakir Bakytbek and Jeenbek Berdikeev became authorized representatives for the election of the candidate for the post of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Tursunbay Bakir uulu.

The question on registration of the authorized representative Kamchy Savutov remains open, since the latter is the main specialist of the State Material Reserves Fund under the government of the Kyrgyz Republic, that is, he is in the civil service.

As CEC member Gulnara Jurabaeva explained, it is necessary to clarify the issue on the conflict of interests.

«It is necessary to clarify the issue of combining the position in the state agency with the status of representative for financial issues," Gulnara Dzhurabaeva explained.