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Jonathan Burckel: I fell in love with Kyrgyz women

Jonathan Burckel is 34 years old. He is industrial and social psychologist. But in Bishkek he works as an English teacher in a talking club.

He came to Kyrgyzstan in April 2014 for summer holidays and fell in love with local women. As a result, Jonathan left his work in France and moved to Bishkek. He admitted that he was in love, and did not feel stress in our country that became the most important in his decision to stay in Bishkek.

Jonathan Burckel shared his thoughts on the life of a foreigner in the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

— What surprises you in Bishkek?

— What surprised me in Bishkek is that people are not communicating their stress and everyone is living quietly (in contrast with Europe) and that can go to the shop any time any day!

— What reminds you of your hometown?

— Absolutely nothing! That’s why I love Bishkek!

— What do you miss in Bishkek?

— I was used to get an active social life in France, so of course I miss my family and my friends…

— What is your favorite place in Bishkek?

— I have some favorite places, I love the place where I’m working (MK Internationale), everybody is so lovely there and I think that we make a great job! I love to spend time in parks and to walk at night around Philharmonic Hall! And of course Navat cafe!

— What do you like in the national cuisine?

— In my region we really love fat food, so of course any meal is convenient for me. But I especially like plov and boso lagman. I love the fact that fruit and vegetable have a real taste in here, because they are not from intensive agriculture! There is only one problem, I took more than 30 kilos in here…

— What are you afraid even to taste?

— I tried a lot of strange dishes, but the one I am not ready to try is eyes of sheep.

— What has disappointed you in close acquaintance with the local population?

— What is disappointing me is people’s attitude toward mixed couple, I mean when a local girl has a foreigner boyfriend! And of course men’s attitude toward women. And that everybody is afraid of what people will say about them!

There is a say that I love: Great minds discuss ideas, medium mind discuss things, little mind discuss about people…