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Missile firing exercise completes trainings of Russian aviation in Kyrgyzstan

The flight and tactical exercises of Russian aviation in Kyrgyzstan came to the end. The Su-25 SM combat aircraft of the united military base «Kant» participated in them. The assistant to the commander of armies of the Central military district colonel Jaroslav Roschupkin has informed about it today, TASS reported.

«Free rocket of air-to-surface class hit disguised workshops for the production of improvised explosive devices and a training center for conditional insurgents," he said.

During the flights pilots improved their skills of piloting over an unfamiliar terrain in difficult geographical conditions at speeds from 300 to 800 km per hour and heights over 3,000 m.

«Based on the results of the trainings, the assault aviation crews confirmed their ability to carry out combat training tasks in the area of ​​responsibility," Yaroshlav Roschupkin added.

Kant’s military base is structurally part of the Russian Central Military District, is an aviation component of the Collective Rapid Deployment Force and participates in ensuring the security of the territory and airspace of the states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.