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Officials comment on happenings around Ak-Keme hotel

The State Property Management Fund commented 24.kg news agency on the situation with Ak-Keme hotel.

The decision to transfer the hotel to State Property Management Fund was taken by the government back in February. The Fund has officially noticed the head about the release of the hotel premises ten times. However, he didn’t react.

«In order to ensure the safety of state property, we were forced to take extreme measures. Currently, inventory is being held. Tenants will continue to work. The hotel will also function as before," the Fund explained.

In the autumn of 2016, the second auction for the sale of Ak-Keme hotel failed, like the first one. This was reported by the Ministry of Finance. Thus, the hotel was transferred to its balance.

The starting price was 955,805 million soms. On the eve of the second auction, the cost of the hotel fell by 10 percent.

The Judicial Department earlier told that the court executors have a document on recovery of 452,487 million soms from Ak-Keme in favor of the Ministry of Finance.

Early this morning, police officers cordoned off Ak-Keme hotel. The leadership called it a raider seizure.