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Military cooperation - important component of Russian-Kyrgyz relations

«An important component of Russian-Kyrgyz relations is military cooperation," Russian President Vladimir Putin told journalists the day before after talks with the Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev.

According to him, during the meeting the parties talked in detail about the expansion of integration processes in the Eurasian space, and about cooperation within the framework of CIS, CSTO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the United Nations. Russia highly appreciates the efforts of Kyrgyzstan as the Chair of EEU and supports the selected priorities in joint work within the Union to deepen the integration processes, further reduce administrative and technical barriers in mutual trade between EEU countries.

«An important component of the strategic relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan is military-technical and military cooperation. I am sure that the implementation of the interstate agreement on the development of the military-technical cooperation that was signed today will make a significant contribution to further strengthening the defense capacity of Kyrgyzstan," Vladimir Putin believes.

Today we confirmed that the presence of the Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan is an important factor in ensuring stability and security in Central Asia, it meets the long-term interests of our states and our CSTO allies.

Vladimir Putin

«We with the Kyrgyz partners agreed to continue close coordination in the fight against terrorism and the spread of extremist ideology. We expressed our support for intensifying cooperation in the sphere of anti-terror within the international regional organizations, including the specialized structures of CSTO and SCO. We exchanged our views on the prospects for deepening the humanitarian cooperation," Vladimir Putin stressed.

The President of Russia reminded that this year the President of Kyrgyzstan is finishing his work in the high office.

«I would like to thank Almazbek Sharshenovich for what he has done to develop Russian-Kyrgyz relations, for what he does to develop and support the Russian language in Kyrgyzstan. We are able to appreciate it, we highly appreciate it. We want to thank you for laying such a solid foundation for the development of bilateral relations for a medium-term and, I hope, a long-term perspective," the Russian President concluded.