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Putin and Atambayev talk about instability and ancestral homeland of Kyrgyzstan

Negotiations between Presidents of Kyrgyzstan and Russia Almazbek Atambayev and Vladimir Putin in a narrow format took place in Moscow. At the beginning of the meeting, the parties summed up the results of the joint work and told about the plans for the future.

Vladimir Putin noted that they would discuss what had been done recently and what is to be done, including the multilateral format within the Eurasian Economic Union and regional cooperation.

We are close allies and reliable friends. I know what transformations both Russia in due time and Kyrgyzstan in last decades have to get through.

Vladimir Putin

«We really hope that the period of instability is in the past. Thanks to the efforts of Almazbek Sharshenovich, the situation not only normalized, but, in my opinion, took such an irreversible character in the direction of positive development. I want to congratulate you on this and hope that everything that was laid during the years of your presidency will be continued, and we will follow this path of strengthening bilateral relations and the situation in the region as a whole," Vladimir Putin concluded.

Almazbek Atambayev assured his colleague that «Kyrgyzstan will certainly not turn off from the road, which it had found as a result of difficult searches." The head of state also summed up the results of the presidency and said that one of his main achievements were that the relations with Russia were «brought to the path in which they should always be — the path of strategic relations, friendship, brotherhood.»

We in Kyrgyzstan know that Russia is our ancestral homeland, our origins are the Altai civilization, and, of course, we should always be together and continue the work of our fathers.

Almazbek Atambayev

«I would like to thank the Russian side, the government and you, because over these years Kyrgyzstan has received immense help and moral support. I have always felt this, really fraternal support. This helped to overcome difficulties and problems. Once again I want to say that the situation in the country is completely different. And the main thing that makes me happy is the feeling that such relations should be with Russia, and the mood that there should be stability in the country, the country should develop and less play political games, be more engaged in economics," concluded Almazbek Atambayev.