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Excitement around extremism in Kyrgyzstan created by authorities themselves

There are no extremists or terrorists in Kyrgyzstan, everything is artificially created by the authorities. Akin Toktaliev, a human rights activist, stated this at a press conference in 24.kg news agency today.

«The State Committee for Religious Affairs can’t conduct expert activities. The employees of the committee are civil servants. However, since 2010 they conducted 1,700 expert examinations. The same number of people was illegally convicted of extremism. Although no book has been recognized extremist," Akin Toktaliev said.

He added: in order to become a theological expert, one only needs to know two words — «yes» and «no." «If to pay money, then literature is not recognized extremist. If not to pay, they will write that the video contains an extremist orientation, and on this basis one will be condemned," Akin Toktaliev said.