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Kyrgyzstan offers to give right for subsoil use without competition

It is suggested to give the right for subsoil use in Kyrgyzstan to a specific person without a tender. Such a proposal was made by the Deputy of the Parliament Kozhobek Ryspaev, having initiated amendments to the Law on Subsoil Use.

If the amendments are adopted, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic will have the opportunity, in order to implement national economic development projects, to take a decision on granting the right to use the subsoil (to any vacant lots) to a specific person without holding contests, auctions and compliance with the first application rule. But only with the consent of the Parliament.

In addition, there will be no inventory on the state balance of mineral reserves, the right to extract which is provided through state registration in the local administration.

The deputy proposes to change the terms for granting the right to use the subsoil. So, for geological prospecting works — 5 years without the right to extend the license, for geological exploration — 7 years without the right to extend, for the development of mineral deposits — 20 years with the possibility of subsequent extension to the depletion of their reserves, for the selection and use of groundwater — up to 10 years with the possibility of further extension.