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Residents believe new-build housing near landfills, cemeteries safe

Residents of Bishkek new- build housing located near landfills and cattle cemeteries consider them safe for living. Press service of the Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan reported.

It is noted that 47 new- build quarters with a population of 223, 258 people are located on the territory of Bishkek. Almost 80 percent of respondents have an income which is lower than the subsistence minimum, determined in December 2016.

Subsistence minimum for Bishkek is 4,816 soms.

Many of the houses built on illegally seized plots of land remain illegal. There are also new-build quarters that are adjacent to cemeteries, cattle mortuaries, high-voltage transmission lines.

Questioning of the local population showed that 18.8 percent of respondents live in the areas adjacent to the cattle mortuaries, 25 percent — to cemeteries, 37.5 percent — to landfills, and 18.8 percent — to high-voltage power lines.

At the same time, many of the people living next to landfills (61 percent), cemeteries (66 percent), cattle cemeteries (44 percent), and high-voltage power lines (66 percent) consider their housing safe.