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Over 900,000 ethnic Kyrgyz live outside of Kyrgyzstan

According to the State Migration Service, more than 900,000 ethnic Kyrgyz live outside of Kyrgyzstan. This is stated in the report of the Ombudsman.

Most of all ethnic Kyrgyz are in Uzbekistan — 300,000 people. There as well as in Tajikistan is the largest number of people wishing to move to Kyrgyzstan. The reason is the infringement of their rights: the closure of general education schools teaching in Kyrgyz language, restrictions on employment.

As of the end of 2015, 33,718 ethnic Kyrgyz returned to Kyrgyzstan. 17,238 of them are women and 16,480 - men.

It should be noted that persons who are ethnic Kyrgyz have the right to obtain Kyrgyz citizenship under simplified procedure without the provision of a term for residence in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and without prior withdrawal from the citizenship of another state on the basis of their written application indicating the renunciation of the citizenship of another state.