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Bakiyev's residences to be returned to State Property Management Fund

The property of Bakiнev, transferred to Jalal-Abad Regional Clinical Hospital, will be returned to the State Property Management Fund, the department informed 24.kg news agency.

It is noted that the Fund received a letter from the director of the hospital, saying that he can’t maintain the entrusted property.

«Reconstruction and restoration of buildings were carried out in Markai residence. There have been replaced windows and doors. The object was in emergency state. As for the residence Kurmanbek in Jalal-Abad, it was planned to make a maternity unit there. However, the maintenance of objects requires a lot of money. In connection with the current situation in the health care system, it was decided to transfer them to the State Property Management Fund for further use by other bodies," the ministry explained.

Currently the inventory is being conducted. The management of Jalal-Abad Clinical Hospital bears full responsibility for the safety of the property before the final compilation of the acceptance certificate.