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New military temple consecrated at Kant Russian airbase in Kyrgyzstan

The Orthodox military temple in honor of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky was consecrated at the Russian air base Kant in Kyrgyzstan. Official representative of the Central Military District, Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin said. TASS reported.

«Bishop of Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan Daniil conducted the corresponding ceremony," he said.

The church has seven domes and 11 bells. «The largest of them — 820-ton — has the emblem of the Russian military base. Bells are decorated with the famous statements of the Russian commander, ranked among the saints: «We need to strengthen the defense in the West, and to look for friends in the East», «God is not in power, but in truth» and others," Yaroslav Roshchupkin specified.

The United Russian military base Kant is a part of the Collective Rapid Deployment Forces and participates in ensuring security of the airspace of the CSTO states. It is armed with Su-25 combat aircrafts and Mi-8 helicopters.